Lights Follow are back in the studio recording their new single FLT RSK, which is slated for release on September 14, 2018. While remaining consistent to their own sound and hook-laden melodies, the band’s upcoming release reveals a new side of the duo and a level of bravado and grit we haven’t seen from them yet. 

Inspiration, honesty, and passion are at the core of Lights Follow, who formed in 2013 and gained critical acclaim for their song “Live Your Beautiful Life” and landed the Theme Song for the Netflix Original show, Terrace House, with their song “Slow Down.” 

For Griggs, who recalls picking up a guitar at age eleven after a debilitating back surgery and falling in love with the instrument during his recovery, music is therapeutic and constantly on his mind. “There’s an excitement in knowing a melody that starts in my head is something people could hear and be moved by. It’s about capturing that feeling and connecting with our fans,” Griggs says. Heath, who began playing guitar himself at the age of 13, believes that lyrics can be powerful and transformative. “It’s the best way I know to tell two stories at the same time,” Heath says. “The verse is there to tell our story and the chorus is there to tell yours.”